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MATRICULATION RESULT-2019 1st-Jahnavi-96% 2nd- Priyanka- 95.9% 3rd-Anjali- 95.6% 4th-Kshanprabha-95.4% 5th- Sanwali- 95.1% 6th-Oshin- 94.9% 7th-Aditi-94.7% 7th-Samar- 94.7% 8th-Sourav- 94.6% 9th-Aayush -93.7% 10th-Kashis-92.6% 11th -Anshul Thakur- 91.7% 12th-Aanchal- 91.6% 13th -Sonika - 90.4% 14th-Kunal-90% 15th-Dinesh-89.9% (90)...............     12TH BOARD RESULT 2019: SCIENCES: 1st-Tanish Thakur-94.60% 2nd-Ankush Thakur-93.80% 3rd-Preeyam -92.60% ::::::: ARTS: 1st-Priyanka Bhardwaj-92.60% 2nd-Ishita Sood-90.60% 3rd-Richa Kanwar-90% ::::::::::::: Commerce: 1st-Amisha-86.4% 2nd-Anurag-84.3% 3rd-Divanshi-80.4%    
Name: Rupali Thakur
Name: Aarti Thakur
Latest News
1.  NEET Qualifier 2019 : 1) Meenakshi Vadhwa 2) Aarti Thakur 3) Ajay Chauhan
2.  Congratulations ! Rajneesh Sharma a 2013 batch student qualified HAS-2019 by securing 5th position in Gen category.
3.  JEE main is cracked by Dhruv Thakur and Tanish Thakur of Class XII. Congratulations to all.
4.   Aayush Chaudhary has been selected for National Level Inspire Award going to take place in IIT Delhi.
5.  Four Merit Positions in Board merit list 2018:

4th position secured by Rupali Thakur (XII Arts) with 94% .

6th position secured by Aarti Thakur (XII Science) with 96.6%.

8th position secured by Jeevasha Thakur (XII Science) with 96.4%.

10th position secured by Meenakshi Vadhwa (XII Science) with 96%.

About Us

Forty years ago in 1972, the doors of Bharat Bharati School opened. A group of parents were inspired to provide a Indian Culture based education for their children by the founders Late Daya Sagar Ji and Late Deva Rani Ji. The endurance of founders and those first families has been graciously blessed by God. Bharat Bharati has grown from a small first through fifth grade Primary school into a fully accredited preschool through grade 12 institution that seeks to prepare the hearts and minds of children.

Join Bharat Bharati as we are delivering a challenging and transformational education.